Nutritional Immunity

The Nutritional Immunology investigates the role of dietary components and their interactions with other environmental factors and genes in age-associated changes of the immune and inflammatory responses. Various researches are going on to look on to determine the molecular mechanisms by which nutrients modulate immune cell functions. Methods are being developed to use the immune response as a biologically meaningful index in determining specific dietary requirements and reverse and/or delay the onset of these immunologic and age-related changes by appropriate dietary modifications.

  • Bio active Nutrients
  • Dietary Metabolic
  • Animal Nutrition Maternal and Infant Nutrition
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • White-Brown Adipocyte Plasticity & Inflammation
  • Early life Nutritional Influences on the Immune System
  • Nutrient-Gene Interaction in the Immune System
  • Obesity & Hormonal Imbalance
  • Eco nutrition


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