Obesity and its impact on Neonatal health

The increasing rate of maternal obesity is provides a major challenge to obstetric practice. Maternal obesity can also result in negative outcomes for both women and fetuses. The maternal risks during pregnancy include preeclampsia, and gestational diabetes. Mainly the fetus is at risk for stillbirth and congenital anomalies. Obesity in pregnancy cans effects on health later in life for both mother and child. For women, this type of risks includes heart disease and hypertension. At that time Children have a risk of future obesity and heart disease. Women and their offspring are at increased risk for diabetes and other endocrinal problems.

·         Perinatal outcomes of maternal overweight

·         obesity in term infants

·         Impact of Maternal Obesity on Fetal Health

·         Mechanism of Action of Obesity on Fetal Growth

·         Hormonal Imbalance


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