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The level of global economic activity and the resultant amount of world trade. It is estimated that over 90% of world trade is carried by sea and over the period 1985 to 1999, world seaborne trade increased by 50% to about 5 billion tons with the largest increase coming in crude oil and oil products shipments. During 1990-98 growth averaged 3.2% per annum. It is reported that in 1998 trade experienced its first dip for 15 years, which was due to the S.E. Asian economic problems. However, the decline was generally only within the region. Since then some of the countries concerned have accomplished a turnaround. Global markets consist of three major regions; Europe and North America are similar in size forming 25% and 26% of the market. Asia forms the largest region at an estimated 34%, with much of this shipbuilding and shipping activity cantered in S.E. Asia. 

The Marine Industries growth over next five years could total $51 billion, the largest being in the sectors of marine transportation, Port Industries, Leisure Industries Including Leisure boating and the cruise business, Offshore oil & gas industry. Marine Science Conferences aims is to aggregate the eminent researchers, academicians and scientists from the field of Marine Oceanography, Marine sciences, Marine biology  and specific related areas to create a platform for strong exchange of the recent advancement and technologies towards marine oceanography.

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