Odontology is the branch of dentistry that involves the application of dental science to the identification of unknown human remains and bite marks, using both physical and biological dental evidence. Forensic Odontology is the emerging branch of odontology defined as the application of     dental expertise to the legal system. Forensic odontology has a wide scope in the identification of the unknown decedents by the teeth, jaws and craniofacial bones bite mark identification, analysis of the Oro-facial trauma associated with person abuse, dental jurisprudence including expert witness testimony. Forensic dental services are of valuable both in death investigations and in clinical forensic medicine for evaluation of living victims of sexual assault, child abuse and other domestic violence.

Odontology is a branch of dental medicine that involves the study of structure and development of teeth. It mainly deals with abnormalities of teeth. Within the advanced society, the rhetorical medical specialty has been gaining an excellent attention. Rhetorical medical specialty is delineated because the application of dental science to the administration of law for proper handling and examination of dental proof. This field of science may be employed in the age assessment of each living and deceased persons and civil cases involving malpractice and fraud allegations; examination and assessment of bite mark injuries, Oro-facial injuries following assault or trauma and maltreatment injuries.

  • Age estimation and dental methodology
  • Cheiloscopy and Palatoscopy
  • Development of dentition
  • Dental age estimation
  • Dental neglect in childhood

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