Oil and Gas Impacts

The Oil and Gas industries form the engine of the world’s economy. Gas plays a fundamental role in economic growth and progress with a greater contribution to the generation of electricity. It also plays a key role in national security. Because of the diverse uses oil and gas and their direct links to economic and social wellbeing, the demand for these commodities and their products continues to grow as incomes rise and populations expand in most developing countries. Oil prices have greater impact on economic, social and political sectors . Oil and gas companies frequently collaborate with national and local government , national and international organizations.


  • Industrial and organizational psychology
  • Collaboration and New business models
  • Industrial Development
  • Green Technology
  • Industrial Ecology and Ecotechnology
  • Materials for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Oil and Gas production
  • Infrastructure developments
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Companies and Market Analysis
  • Drilling Companies
  • UAE Oil Market Analysis
  • Production Costs
  • Enhanced Recovery Techniques
  • Environmental impact and future shortages
  • Oil refinery and engineering
  • Environmental Impacts

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