Oncologic Imaging

Imaging is a crucial approach for the treatment of cancer- right from the initial stages of detection to stages classification and response assessment and follow-up. Approaches to image a tumor of the gastrointestinal tract are generally multimodality imaging where gastroesophageal, pancreatic, hepatocellular, abdominal lymphomas, stromal cancers, renal, and cervical cancers are screened and investigated. Various stages of oncologic imaging include screening for early cancer, diagnosing and staging cancer, treatment, monitoring the response of the treatment, and monitoring the recurrence of cancer. Interventional oncology is a minimally invasive image-guided technique is gradually assuming a larger role in treating cancer. 

  • Advances in Oncologic Imaging
  • Contrast media imaging
  • Image guided procedures
  • Oncologic imaging
  • Pediatric imaging
  • Pelvic Floor and Perineum
  • Pelvic MRI
  • Prostate imaging
  • Pseudocyst drainage
  • Rectal cancer MRI
  • Renal cell carcinoma
  • Tumor ablation
  • Rectal cancer MRI
  • Renal cell carcinoma

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