Ophthalmic Drug Therapy

Anesthesia is essential for performing safe ophthalmic surgery. Today, most surgeons throughout the world use local anesthesia for cataract surgery, though topical anesthesia is gaining popularity. General anesthesia has a limited role, mainly in cases in which local or topical anesthesia cannot be used. Lidocaine hydrochloride, Bupivacaine hydrochloride are used as Local Anesthetic.

It is now being provided mainly by anesthesiologists and varies from an kinetic injection technique to a non-kinetic topical technique. Each technique has its own risk/benefit profile, and proven to be highly successful if performed correctly. The choice of the technique should be individualized based upon specific needs of the patient, the nature and extent of eye surgery, and the anesthesiologist’s and surgeon's skill.

  • Intravitreal drug delivery
  • Trans scleral drug delivery
  • Topical therapy

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