Orphan Drugs- Development Trends and Strategies

An Orphan drug might be a medicative item produced for the treatment of an rare disease. Analysis and the treatment of a rare disease wind up complex due to the conditions that various health care providers may have confined contribution with the recognizable proof of the specific disease condition with the diagnosis of rare diseases. Biopharmaceutical specialists in the field have used new advances and the creating investigative appreciation of numerous rare diseases to create and analyse remarkable treatments in the course of the most recent 10 years. In 2015 alone, about half (47%) of novel latest drug approvals were for rare diseases.

Numerous blockbuster medications will lose their eliteness in next 5 years. In this way, the current economic situation in addition to the tremendous generic competition moved the focal point of pharmaceutical organizations from the basic medicines to the new business model — niche busters, also called orphan drugs.

  • Orphan drug act
  • Clinical development challenges
  • Orphan medicinal products regulation
  • Economic considerations of orphan drugs
  • Challenges in assessing clinical relevance and cost effectiveness

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