Orthopedic Surgery & Rehabilitation

By challenging the traditional wisdom of other pain management therapies, there are significant reductions in pain and a greater quality of life for the people those who have been struggling to find relief elsewhere. Restorative Medicine and Orthopedics combination is most suggestible for the people in the filed sports, athletics, army etc. In this topic the discussion is about how restorative medicine is going to use for the orthopedic problems in most effective manner by orthopedic rehabilitation methods.

  • Spinal cord stimulators & pain pumps
  • Chronic Back pain Treatment
  • Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease
  • Adaptive Tissue Shortening
  • Custom Foot Orthotic Fabrication
  • Treatment for Arthritis & Osteoporosis
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Wrist treatment
  • Knee, Hip, Foot and Ankle treatment

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