Orthorexia and Excessive Exercise

Orthorexia is a typical co-occurring dietary problem. It is defined by an obsession or wants to eat just "healthy" foods or to keep away from whole food types. Each individual enduring with orthorexia has their very own sustenance inclinations; foods they will eat and foods that they won't. Orthorexia is a form of disordered eating that often has the following symptoms:

  • obsession with healthy eating
  • perception of superiority to others due to the self-control exhibited in one’s diet
  • Extreme limitations in food choices, often avoiding entire food groups (fats, carbohydrates, etc.)

Exercise and nutrition are fundamental to great health; however, outrageous practices can be a red flag demonstrating undesirable practices. Examples of this incorporate Excessive exercise, weight fixations, and bulimia, binge and anorexia eating disorders. Some common indicators of exercise obsession include:

  • prioritizing exercise foremost in life, rather than including exercise in a balanced lifestyle
  • Continuing to exercise when injured or sick
  • Avoiding social functions to exercise
  • Firmly adhering to an obsessive and regimented exercise regime

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