Packaging Methods for Processed Foods

Modern food packaging technology brings traditional foods into a global stage which emphasizes their commercial and economic aspects. This means that food and packaging technologists become involved in the entire food supply system. Packaging is the science of making the materials look more attractive to the consumer, while at the same time keeping the food fresh and palatable. One of the method of packaging of foods and beverages is home canned foods and for beverages. It is one of the oldest and common methods of packaging in homes are the use of home canning. Foods and drinks are placed in glass jars by heating and placing a rubber stopped jar top on the jar. It is the first method used to store foods in large quantities particularly in rural areas. Foil wraps are often used for packaging the pouches are filled and then the bottom top of the pouch is sealed with a heat seal similar to that of commercial frozen packaging. It allows the food to be sealed in the package without losing any residual moisture that may be present in the food.

Nanotechnology is the new innovation in the commercial food packaging it is used to make packaging thinner and biodegradable. The nanotechnology of foods and beverages allows the commercial companies to utilize packaging materials that reduce food gases which delays how quickly they degrade and inedible. 

  • Purpose of Packaging
  • Types of Packaging
  • Choosing a suitable matter
  • Active Packaging

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