Paediatric Vaccination

Immunization against diseases such as PolioTetanusDiphtheria, and Pertussis saves the lives of approximately three million children each year. Immunization also prevents many more millions from suffering debilitating illness and lifelong disability. Globally, approximately 132 million babies need to be fully immunized each year. In order to meet this need, immunization systems must have adequate resources, trained and motivated staff, and ample vaccines and syringe supplies.

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  • Chickenpox vaccination
  • Severe reactions to foods, insect stings, and medications (anaphylaxis)
  • Gastro-intestinal vaccination
  • HPV vaccines (girls only)
  • 4-in-1 pre-school booster
  • MMR vaccines
  • Hib/Meningitis C booster vaccines
  • Serogroup B meningococcal (MenB) vaccines
  • Rotavirus vaccines
  • Pneumococcal or Pneumo Jab (PCV) vaccines
  • 5-in-1 vaccines
  • Neonatal respiratory syncytial virus infection vaccine

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