Palliative Nursing Care

It is a specialized treatment for people with serious illness.  The main goal is to improve the quality of life of the patients. In this for illness is a curative treatment at any age.  Palliative care during the surgeries i.e., it the technique of providing sedative for an end of life care of patients in interaction with pain.  It has a double effect principle like: It relieves severe suffering and sometimes hastens life or leads to death. The use of palliative care nursing has been increased drastically based upon the rising population of geriatric patients. Anesthesiologists rarely involved in the multidisciplinary management of patient individuals suffering from chronic illness or those people who are dying. 

  • Rehabilitation of Health
  • Palliative Care of Geriatrics
  • Hospice Day Care
  • Palliative Care Medication
  • Paediatrics Palliative Care

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