Pathways and Network Analysis

It is a set of chemical reactions in a cell that occurs when a molecule attaches to a receptor on the cell membrane. The pathway is actually a biochemical reactions occurs inside the cell that eventually reach the target molecule. Cytoscape is an open source software platform for visualizing complex networks. Here the Pathway analysis for the proteomic data can be directly interpreted with the signal proteins in signalling pathways. And network analysis for the proteomic data can be visualized in a functional protein network with the transcriptional factors labelled. To assess the biological significance of Proteomics results, the Gene Ontology and pathways is needed. Functional information and the other focusing on integration of topological information. And there are many Proteomics database associated with them extensively.

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Quantitative proteomics is an analytical chemistry technique for determining the amount of proteins in a sample. Rather than just providing lists of proteins identified in a certain sample, quantitative proteomics yields information about differences between samples. Microarray analysis techniques are used in interpreting the data generated from experiments on DNA, RNA, and protein microarrays, which allow researchers to investigate the expression state of a large number of genes - in many cases, an organism's entire genome. The integration of networks with genomics (network genomics) is a familiar field. Conventional network analysis takes advantage of the larger coverage and relative stability of gene expression measurements. Network proteomics on the other hand has to develop further on two critical factors reproducible quantification of proteins of interest in biological samples, targeted proteomics approaches are allowing researchers to apply the scientific method using mass spectrometry.

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  • Micro Array Data Analysis
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