Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

\r\n Identifying and addressing unmet patient needs is, and always will be, the ultimate goal of pharmaceutical R&D. Therefore the  new clinical trial models and  technologies behind them should be a harnessed to achieve those goals. In many cases, technology that allows constant monitoring of, and communication with, patients in real time creates the possibility to assess the results of therapies at a level of granularity and over a range of real-world conditions never before imagined – and to intervene in real time if necessary to improve patients’ lives.


\r\n Clinical trials is often to serve as a first point of interaction between a patient and a sponsor company. Nevertheless, clinical teams can lose a sight of this fact when designing a technical components of a clinical studies. The outcome can be a cumbersome trial protocols adding a unnecessary burden on the patients and already in a challenging situation, and, therefore, unhappy patients, low recruitment and a high dropout rates, as well as a low scores on the company perception surveys.



  • 4.1 Create Patient Profiles
  • 4.2 Crowdsource Patients and Caregivers
  • 4.3 Monitor Online Opinions
  • 4.4 Work with the Experts to Mitigate Study Burden
  • 4.4 Work with the Experts to Mitigate Study Burden
  • 4.5 Simplify and standardize informed consent

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