Pediatric Heamtology

Pediatric heamtology is branch of Hematology which deals with child or teen who are suffering from Hematologic Disorders. A pediatric hematologist/oncologist is a specialist who treats children and adolescents with blood diseases or cancer. They are specially trained to work with young patients as well as in both hematology (the study of blood) and oncology (the study of cancer) in children. Pediatric hematologist/oncologists are specially trained to treat children with blood disorders and cancer, some of which exclusively appear in the early years of life. Children are not little adults, and they should receive medical care from a physician who understands the developmental stages the human body as well as how interact with young patients. In addition, pediatric hematologists/oncologists have formal training to treat childhood forms of blood disorders and cancer. Not only do children have different blood disorders and cancers than adults but children also tolerate treatments differently than adults.

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