Pediatric Neonatal surgery

Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery is a broad field with many challenges. The treatment of neonates with oesophageal has been one of the main challenges for paediatric surgeons. The current survival rate is 93%. Much of this improvement is due to the close collaboration between paediatric surgeons, neonatologists, intensivists, anaesthetists and nurses. Over the last decades, because of the development of several clinical and technological advances, there has been a revolution in the management of neonatal and pediatric patients. These progresses reported an improvement in the survival rate of extremely ill neonates, who now have the chance to survive into adulthood. The intent of this review is to highlight not only the advances obtained in the neonatal surgery, but also the results of a multidisciplinary work focused on the fetus, preterm and newborn baby with a surgical anomaly or disease. Attention is also paid to the recent tendency to share knowledge, protocols and database out of the single Institution or country and to follow these delicate and fragile neonatal patients to the adulthood, developing the transitional care.

  • Cleft Surgery and Laser Surgery
  • Neonatal Gastro-Intestinal Surgery
  • Neonatal Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Intestinal Obstruction or Atresia
  • Surgical Procedures & Anesthesia in Newborns

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