Pediatric Nutrition and Breast Feeding

During the growing years of children from infancy to early stage of adolescence, proper nutrition is very important for child’s future health. Childs diet will not only supports their growth and development but also supports their immune system and several other health supporting systems. It is very important to provide the child with consistent diet with all kinds of nutritional elements in it. In pediatric nutrition the main and important theme is breastfeeding because most of the nutrients are provided to child through breastfeeding. Babies should be fed breast milk especially in the first six months after birth h which is the only way to induce nutrients in such stage to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Breastfeeding protects the child from allergies, infections, obesity, crohn disease and diabetes. Breast milk contains large amounts of lactose content which provides energy source, vitamin E which prevents anaemia, cholesterol important for brain growth and omega acids.


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