Personalized Medicine and Drug Development

The drug discovery process has generally been labour and time intensive, with industry scientists selecting new molecular entities (NMEs) that correlate with appropriate targets and testing them through preclinical and clinical phases to validate safety and efficacy of the more promising candidates. However, knowledge garnered from the Human Genome Project coupled with a novel complement of genomic technologies provides researchers with a much broader range of targets at which to aim potential therapeutic interventions. The wide array of genomic technologies including high-throughput technologies, global gene expression analysis, genome-wide functional analyses and gene expression monitoring allows for the genetic analyses of numerous NMEs for toxicity and efficacy, thus streamlining the drug discovery process while enhancing prospects for better therapies

  • Herceptin® and HER-2/neu Testing
  • Genotyping for Warfarin Dosing
  • Tests for CYP450 drug metabolizing enzymes

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