Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Target approach of this area is on chemical-biological interaction and experimental effort of chemical and biological interactors by cheminformatics and chemometrics methods.  A criterion for this will be the successful integration of bioinformatics into most aspects of drug discovery. Some of the methodologies include proteochemometrics, computer-aided molecular design, chembioinformatics databases, biopharmaceutical chemistry including analyses of biological activity, algorithms for chemical software and other issues related to drug discovery.

Focus of this area is on how to use bioinformatics tools in drug discovery. The forthcoming progresses of the life science areas will also rely heavily on learning such knowledge. Still all the advanced frontiers in the medical, biological and medicinal chemistry arenas will need good acquaintance here in order to withstand evolution.


  • Chemoinformatics
  • Proteochemometric
  • Chembioinformatics
  • Computer-aided molecular design
  • Application of Bioinformatics in Drug Designing

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