Pharmacology Studies

Pharmacological Studies explores the molecular mechanisms by which drugs cause biological effects. In the broadest sense, pharmacology is the study of how chemical agents, both natural and synthetic (i.e., drugs) affect biological systems. This encompasses investigation of the derivation, chemical properties, physiological and behavioral effects, mechanisms of action, biological transformations, and the therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses of drugs. Pharmacological studies can determine the effects of chemical agents upon subcellular, systemic, physiological or behavioral processes; focus on the treatment and prevention of diseases; or deal with the potential hazards of pesticides and herbicides.

Pharmacology is often described as a bridge science because it incorporates knowledge and skills from a number of basic science disciplines including physiology, biochemistry and cell and molecular biology. Pharmacologists are able to 'translate' such knowledge into the rational development of therapeutics. As a result of their multidisciplinary training, pharmacologists are able to offer a unique perspective in solving drug-, hormone- and chemical-related problems.

Pharmacological Research provides a rapid information exchange medium for specialists within the discipline of pharmacology. The journal publishes papers on basic, translational and clinical research in pharmacology, including clinical trials; it is proud of its rapid publication of accepted papers that comprises a dedicated fast acceptance and publication track for high profile articles.

  • Pharmacological Studies of Herbal Drugs
  • Pharmacological Studies of Medicinal Drugs
  • Electrophysiological and Pharmacological Studies
  • Valid Models for Pharmacological Studies
  • Toxicology
  • Pharmacological Classification of Drugs
  • Pharmacological Classification of Drugs
  • Pharmacological Testing and Research
  • Pharmacological Approaches in Various Treatments
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

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