Pharmacovigilance and its Significance

Pharmacovigilance plays a key role in all phases of clinical trials, including the planning, execution, data analysis and reporting of safety information and also bears an important responsibility for the expedited reporting of individual cases and safety updates required for regulatory authorities. The concept of Pharmacovigilance and its Significance enhances the impact of healthcare management on patient welfare and public health. Pharmacovigilance legislation gives an outlook on the rules and regulations to follow in Pharmacovigilance practice. The Role of pharma industries in the improvement of pharmacovigilance system is very crucial to maintain the safety data, detection and evaluation of drug safety signals through manual and medical devices reporting. Pharmacovigilance scope also deals as Ecopharmacovigilance (EPV), pharmacoenvironmentology and pharmacovigilance in herbal medicines. In addition, data from observational epidemiological studies are playing an increasingly important role.

  • Pharmacovigilance and Healthcare System
  • Pharmacovigilance Legislation
  • Role of Pharma Industries in the Improvement of Pharmacovigilance System
  • Detection and Evaluation of Drug safety Signals through Manual and Medical Devices reporting
  • Ecopharmacovigilance (EPV), Pharmacoenvironmentology and Pharmacovigilance in herbal medicines
  • Methods of pharmacovigilance
  • Pharmacogenetic tests as tools in pharmacovigilance

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