Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry

The Safety of prescriptions to be taken whereas development of drug formulation for various drug delivery system. The construct of rational drug use throughout the past few years has been the theme of assorted national & international gatherings. Numerous studies conducted in developed further more as in developing countries throughout past few years relating to the safe & effective use of medication show that irrational drug use may be an international development & solely few prescriptions justify rational use of medication. Toxicity has been calculable to be chargeable for the attrition of roughly common fraction of drug candidates and may be a major contributor to the high price of drug development, significantly once not recognized till late in clinical trials or post-marketing. The study of Drug dependence is that the body's physical would like, or addiction, to a particular agent. There’s thus just about no distinction between dependency and addiction. Over the long run, this dependence ends up in physical damage, behaviour issues, and association with those that conjointly abuse medicine. Stopping the utilization of the drug may end up in an exceedingly specific withdrawal syndrome. Toxic genetics may be a field of science that deals with the gathering, interpretation, associate degreed storage of knowledge concerning cistron and macromoleculeactivity inside explicit cell or tissue of an organism in response to toxic substances. And it combines pharmacological medicine with genetics or alternative high turnout molecular identificationtechnologies like transcriptomics, genetic science and metabolomics.

  • Safety of prescriptions
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Drug formulation development
  • Rationale in prescribing drugs
  • Drug toxicity mechanism
  • Study of drug dependency
  • Toxicogenomics

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