Pollution by Automobiles

Motor automobile emissions make a contribution to air pollutants and are a major ingredient in the creation of smog in some large towns. A 2013 study by MIT shows that fifty three thousand early deaths occur per year in the United States alone because of automotive emissions. consistent with any other have a look at from the same university, traffic fumes alone cause the death of 5000 human beings every year simply in the united kingdom. Ever since the advent of automobiles, the persistent problem of air pollution has been inside the leading edge of environmental research. It includes topic like Impact of air pollution on surroundings, Recyclable materials in production, development of clean combustion and low emission engines, After treatment and emission monitoring, Emissions Control etc.

Mobile source air pollution includes any air pollution emitted by motor vehicles,airplanes,locomotives and other engines and equipment that can be moved from one location to another. Many of these pollutants contribute to environmental degradation and have negative effects on human health. To prevent unnecessary damage to human health and the environment, environmental regulatory agencies such as the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency have established policies to minimize air pollution from mobile sources. Similar agencies exist at the state level. Due to the large number of mobile sources of air pollution, and their ability to move from one location to another, mobile sources are regulated differently from stationary sources, such as power plants. Instead of monitoring individual emitters, such as an individual vehicle.

  • Impact of air pollution on environment
  • Recyclable materials in manufacturing
  • Development of clean combustion and low emission engines
  • After treatment and emission monitoring
  • Emissions Control

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