Polymer engineering and models

Industrial processes such as injection molding and blow moulding are observing rapid growth due to its requirement new application in areas such as automotive, sports, electronics, transportation and packaging industries. But these new technology are complex and need better understanding of the behaviour of the materials during the early stage of process and its relation to properties and performance of the final product. Mathematical modelling and simulation of each steps of the process can be used to optimize the process and improve product performance of industrial parts. For process like injection moulding, there is a growing interest to the numerically predict the filling phase for both thin and thick parts. Polymer reactions such as crystallization and nucleation also being modelled where mathematical theory is used to describe the theoretical properties regarding the process and predict the properties of the crystalized end products. The mathematical models are based on experimental data and aids in the optimization of solidification process to obtain products with required mechanical properties.

  • Mathematical models of polymer crystallization
  • Nucleation theory in polymers
  • Modelling of industrial processes of polymers
  • Reactors for polymerization reactions
  • Computer modelling and simulation of polymer reactions
  • Polymers in separation processes

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