Polymer Nanotechnology(Thin Film Flexible)

 Nano technology  have added to the comprehension of the structure and elements of different polymers covering manufactured to supramolecular and regular frameworks as detailed in the previous decade. Viewpoints incorporate the pressing, compliance, chain direction, concoction responses, and sub-atomic flow of engineered polymers, vitality stockpiling materials, supramolecular polymers, and normal polymers. The entire scope of all polymer frameworks is past our extension, in any case, the particular frameworks depicted are dealt with as remarkable cases to exhibit the current advance in the field.

  • Characterization SEM,TEM,PLD
  • Emulsion polymerization
  • Semi-batch and batch processes
  • Size and size distribution
  • MALS, Multi Angle Light Scattering
  • Polymer 3D Printing
  • Thin film Electronics

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