Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is the logical investigation of what makes life most worth living. It is a call for mental science and practice to be as worried with quality as with shortcoming; as inspired by building the best things in life as in repairing the most exceedingly awful; and as worried with making the lives of typical individuals satisfying as with mending pathology. Positive brain research is brain research, brain science will be science and science requires checking hypotheses against proof. In like manner, positive brain research is not to be mistaken for untested self-improvement, footless assertion, or mainstream religion-regardless of how great these may make us feel. Positive brain science is neither a reused form of the energy of positive speculation nor a continuation of the mystery.

Positive brain research will rise or fall on the science on which it is based. Up until now, the science is noteworthy. Consider what has been realized as of late about the mental great life, none of which was said in any of the brain research courses I took a couple of decades back.

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