Power Electronics

Power electronics is the implementation of solid-state electronics to the control and conversion of electric power. It also refers to a subject of research in electrical and electronic engineering which deals with the design, control, computation and unification of nonlinear, time-varying energy-processing electronic systems with fast dynamics. The first high power electronic devices were mercury-arc valves. The potentialities and economy of power electronics system are determined by the active devices that are available. Formerly, the mercury arc valve, the high-vacuum and gas-filled diode thermionic rectifiers were widely used in power electronics. As the ratings of solid-state devices enhance in both current-handling capacity and voltage, vacuum devices have been nearly entirely replaced by solid-state devices. 

  • Power Electronic Converter Topologies, Design and Control
  • Electronic Machines and Actuators
  • Mechatronics
  • Power Supplies
  • Active Filtering and Unity Power Factor Correction
  • Robotics
  • Power Electronics Devices
  • Inverters
  • Power Electronics in Aerospace and Space Applications
  • Power Electronics System Simulation and Modeling

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