Power Generation Technologies

Power Engineering deals with the the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity as well as the design of a range of related devices. These include transformers, electric generators, electric motors and power electronics. Technologies involve to generate the power are called power generation technologies. Generation of electrical power is a process whereby energy is transformed into an electrical form. There are several different transformation processes, among which are chemical, photo-voltaic, and electromechanical. Electromechanical energy conversion is used in converting energy from coal, petroleum, natural gas, uranium, or water flow into electrical energy. Of these, all except the wind energy conversion process take advantage of the synchronous AC generator coupled to a steam, gas or hydro turbine such that the turbine converts steam, gas, or water flow into rotational energy and the synchronous generator then converts the rotational energy of the turbine into electrical energy. It is the turbine-generator conversion process that is by far most economical and consequently most common in the industry today.

  • Atmospheric Electricity
  • Hydropower Technologies and Applications
  • Thermal Power Technologies and Applications
  • Safe Nuclear Energy Generation and Utilization
  • Wind Power Generation and Utilization
  • Bio-energy Technologies, Process and Utilization
  • New Technologies and Design for Energy Efficiency
  • New Technologies for Minimizing CO2 Generation
  • Environmental-friendly Technologies for Power Generation
  • Geothermal and Tidal Wave Energy
  • Pedal Power
  • Photovoltaic for Solar Power Application

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