Power-system Protection

Power-system protection is a sub field of electrical power engineering that deals with the protection of electrical power systems from defect through the isolation of faulted parts from the rest of the electrical network. The objective of a protection strategy is to keep the power system stable by isolating only the components that are under fault, whilst leaving as much of the network as possible still in working. Thus, protection schemes must apply a very pragmatic and pessimistic approach to clearing system faults.

Protection system in power system as well as standard lead and device numbers, mode of connections at terminal strips, colour codes in multi-core cables, Dos and Don’ts in implementation. It also covers principles of various power system protection relays and plans including special power system protection schemes like differential relays, directional relays, restricted earth fault protection and distance relays etc. The details of generator protection, transmission line protection, transformer protection & protection of capacitor.

  • Fault current limiter
  • Network analyzer (AC power)
  • Prospective short circuit current
  • Power System Management Technologies

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