Product Development Toxicology

During the development of the new drug to predict the toxicity, and other safety variables as well as the effectiveness of new products, traditional testing of chemicals, consumer products should be tested for safety in animal studies before being approved for human testing. There are various steps involved in the testing of the product for its toxicity. Product development toxicology is an emerging branch in the recent times.


Recent trend in the product development toxicology is the computer modeling and computational toxicology. The product development deals with the various testing procedures for the toxicity throughout the entire process of the drug development. All the safety aspects need to be considered in the case of the product development. Common product safety test includes the LD50, skin irritancy, eye irritation, sensitization etc.


  • Toxicological Testing Methods
  • Exposure to Toxicants
  • Method Development
  • Drug Development
  • Forensic Medicine

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