Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

Histochemistry is the identification and study of chemical reactions within and around the microstructure of biological cells and tissues observed using particular techniques to prepare histology and microscopes to observe those specimens.

Cytochemistry The study of intracellular distribution of chemicals, reaction sites and enzymes, often by means of staining reactions, radioactive isotope uptake, selective metal distribution in electron microscopy, or other methods.

Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry publishes comprehensive and analytical reviews as well as short surveys (mini-reviews) on a broad range of topics from the entire field of histology and cytotology. Methodological contributions including monographs as well as papers dealing with applied histo and cytochemistry (e.g. cell biology Techniques, pathology, clinical disciplines) are considered. Especially welcome are contributions considering and promoting the relationship with biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Occasionally comments of topical aspects will be considered.

Histochemistry has an interesting history, extending back to ancient times when researchers had a desire to understand the functions of the human body and the roles that various “humors” or chemicals have in those processes. Histochemistry is the study of the distribution of chemical compounds within and between biological cells using histological techniques such as histology stains  through various colorants and observed under light (optical) and electron microscopy. This science provides information on the content and the nature of the chemicals in biological tissues examined, rather than on morphological appearance of the preparation. To highlight a particular functional group or a particular ion present in various tissues and cells, scientists perform one or more chemical reactions, stoichiometrically exact and specific. The colored precipitates obtained will be analyzed by the optical microscope, or in the case of fluorophores, fluorescence microscopy

  • Trends in Enzyme Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
  • Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
  • Biotechnic & Histochemistry
  • Neurotoxicological Histochemistry
  • Diagnostic Histochemistry and Cytochemistry
  • Emerging techniques in Immunohsitochemistry
  • Techniques and clinical applications
  • Recent progess in histochemistry and cell biology
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology
  • Membrane Biology and Trafficking
  • Histochemistry and Cell biology

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