Protein Sequencing

Protein sequencing is the process of determining the amino acid sequence of all or part of a protein or peptide. This may serve to identify the protein or characterize its post-translational modifications. The two different methods of protein sequencing are   Mass spectrometry and Edman degradation using a protein sequenator. Mass spectrometry methods are presently the most popularly used for protein sequencing and for recognition. Protein sequencing is mainly depending on chemical or enzymatic digestion techniques to separate peptides and detect the amount and composition of amino acid residue. protein sequencing services supplies accurate and reliable protein characterization and identification.

Mass spectrometry of peptides by enzymatic digest is a common technique of protein identification, Edman sequencing also known as automated Gas Phase Sequencing (GPS) supplies additional data which is inaccessible via mass spectrometry methods. GPS is used to identify unknown proteins as well as to check the quality of recombinant proteins and determine enzyme cleavage sites. It is a powerful complimentary technique used throughout all stages of drug discovery.

  • Protein Sequencing
  • Maltose binding Protein Sequencing
  • GST Protein Sequencing
  • Red fluorescent protein sequencing
  • Protein Sequence Alignment
  • Protein Sequence Analysis
  • EGFP Protein Sequencing

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