Proteomics Biomarkers

Proteomics based access towards biomarkers analysis can be engaged in various aspects of medicine, such as elucidation of pathways which are affected in disease, description of individuals who are at a great exposure of developing disease for prognosis and identification of response, identification of individuals who are most likely to respond to specific therapeutic interventions, and identification of which patients will establish specific side effects.

Relevant Conferences:

Clinical Nurse Specialist Annual Meeting during November 07-09, 2016 Melbourne, Australia; 5th International Conference on Clinical Nutrition during November 28-30, 2016 San Antonio, USA; 6th International Conference on Clinical Microbiology & Microbial Genomics during October 24-26, 2016 Rome, Italy; International Conference on Clinical & Molecular Genetics during November 28-30, 2016 Chicago, USA;  Biochemical Engineering Sciences Symposium during September 11-14, 2016 Dublin, Ireland; Innovations & Applications to Biological & Medical Discovery during June 14-19, 2015 UK; Molecular Diversity in Chemistry & Biology Conference during February 24-27,  2016 USA; High Throughput Protein Purification Innovating Conference during January 21-22, 2016 UK; Flow Chemistry during January 21-22, 2016 Mumbai, India.

Biomarker discovery is a medical term describing the process by which biomarkers are discovered. Many commonly used blood tests in medicine are biomarkers. A cancer biomarker refers to a substance or process that is indicative of the presence of cancer in the body. A biomarker may be a molecule secreted by a tumor or a specific response of the body to the presence of cancer.

  • Clinical proteomics and biomarker discovery
  • Proteomics for Cancer Biomarker Discovery

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