Psoriasis in childrens, adults and adolescence

Skin disorders are common in children. Children can experience many of the same skin conditions as adults. Infants and toddlers are also at risk for diaper-related skin problems. Since children have more frequent exposure to other children and germs, they may also develop skin disorders that rarely occur in adults. Psoriasis is a chronic life-altering skin disorder with possible systemic comorbidities. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that occurs in children and adults. The typical appearance is of red, thickened, scaly patches on the skin (plaques). These plaques can vary in size and distribution from person to person. In some people it may affect small areas of skin while others may have large areas covering their body.

  • Topical and systemic therapies for children
  • Anagement Of Psoriasis Childhood
  • Neonatal Risk Factors
  • Epidemiology in psoriasis
  • Diagnosis and prognosis in Psoriasis

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