Pulmonary diseases: Treatment, Diagnosis and therapies

Diagnosis:  Specialist will audit the signs and side effects, talk about the  family and restorative history, and examine any presentation  necessary  to lung aggravations particularly tobacco smoke.  Specialist may arrange a few tests to analyse the condition. Tests incorporate Lung (respiratory) work tests, Chest X-beam, CT examine, blood vessel blood gas examination and Laboratory tests.


Treatment: Smoking Cessation the most basic advance in any treatment get ready for COPD. Other treatment incorporates Bronchodilators, breathed in steroids, Combination inhalers, Oral steroids, Theophylline and anti-infection agents. An analysis of COPD isn't the apocalypse. The vast majority have mellow types of the ailment for which little treatment is required other than smoking discontinuance. Notwithstanding for further developed phases of malady, powerful treatment is accessible that can control side effects, decrease your danger of confusions and intensifications, and enhance your capacity to lead a dynamic life.


Therapies: Doctors regularly utilize these extra treatments for individuals with direct or extreme COPD.

Oxygen therapy:  If there isn't enough oxygen in your blood, you may need supplemental oxygen. There are several devices to deliver oxygen to the lungs, including lightweight, portable units. Some people with COPD use oxygen only during activities or while sleeping. Others use oxygen all the time. Oxygen therapy can improve quality of life and is the only COPD therapy proven to extend life.

Pulmonary rehabilitation program: These programs generally combine education, exercise training, nutrition advice and counseling.  Pulmonary rehabilitation may shorten hospitalizations, increase the ability to participate in everyday activities and improve the quality of life.




  • Quit Smoking and Avoid Lung Irritants
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Lung Transplant
  • Bullectomy
  • Bronchodilators

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