Pulmonary Infection Therapy

It’s nearly not possible to avoid viruses and bacteria; however some risk factors increase your maximum chances of developing acute respiratory infection. Bacteria and its spores from the Respiratory infection may spread to your bloodstream. This may result in hazardously changes in blood pressure, septic shock, and in some cases, organ failure. The immune system of children, Infants and older adults are more prone to being affected by viruses. Simple technical methods like proper hand washing and covering face while coughing or sneezing might prevent the spread of upper respiratory infections. Epiglottitis is an upper respiratory infection in children that may have a more sudden onset of sore throat, feeling of a lump within the throat, muffled voice, and dry cough, terribly painful swallowing, and drooling.


  • Decongestants
  • Corticosteroids
  • Beta-lactamase Resistant
  • Symptomatic Treatment

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