Quantum Physics and The Universe

The physical study of astronomical objects that release electromagnetic radiations of extremely energetic wavelengths like X-ray astronomy, gamma-ray astronomy, and extreme UV astronomy, study on neutrinos and cosmic rays is referred to as Quantum Astrophysics. The High Energy Astrophysics Division mainly focuses on X-ray astronomy via interpretations of high-energy sources with equipment aboard satellites, skyrockets, balloons, and the Space Shuttle. The Division also progresses new equipment for future space missions to address the physical processes involved in producing X-rays, the matter in the Universe, and the origin, evolution, and the ultimate fate of the Universe. X-ray astronomy made rapid progress though having very short history

  • Quantum Cosmology
  • The Universe as a set of Harmonic Oscillator
  • Brane Cosmology
  • Cosmic Singularity
  • String Theory :The four space-Time Dimensions
  • Quantum Effects

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