Radiographic Testing

About 60 percent of cancer patients are treated with radiation at some time during their course of treatment.  Radiation therapy which is used for high-energy radiation to treat cancer. A radiation oncologist may use radiation to cure cancer such as Breast Cancer blood cancer etc.  That uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or to relieve a cancer patient's pain or alleviate other symptoms due to the cancer. Projection images project a physical parameter in the lung cancer in human body on a 2D image which will identify the cancer stage


Radiation therapy works because the radiation destroys the cancer cells' ability to reproduce, and the body naturally gets rid of these cells. Radiology conferences explore the scope of radiation affects cancer cells by damaging their DNA, so that the cancer cells can no longer divide and grow. Radiation is most effective at killing cells that are actively dividing.

  • Ultrasonography and radiography
  • Specialism radiography
  • Diagnostic radiography
  • Chest radiography
  • Spine radiography
  • Head and skull radiography
  • Abdominal radiography
  • Radiologic-pathologic correlation
  • Vascular and Interventional Radiology

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