Radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays to view the internal form of an object. When a beam of X-rays form an electromagnetic radiation, are passed towards the object and then captured by detector behind that object depend on structural composition. The generation of flat two dimensional images by this technique is called projectional radiography. Applications of radiography include medical or "diagnostic" radiography and industrial radiography. Body is made up of various substances with differing densities, X-rays can be used to reveal the internal structure of the body on film by highlighting these differences using attenuation, or the absorption of X-ray photons by the denser substances (like calcium-rich bones).

  • Medical use of radiography

  • Projectional radiography.

  • Computed tomography.

  • Dual energy X-ray   absorptiometry.

  • Fluoroscopy.

  • Contrast radiography.


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