Recent Advancement in HIV/AIDS, STDs and STIs

The exploration for a preventive immunization that can stop the worldwide pandemic is a definitive objective of HIV research. Expansion of an immunization against HIV-1 has been tormented by various weird difficulties. Distinctive immunization concepts have been tried to overcome these difficulties. Trial immunizations that indicated guarantee in preclinical trials were progressed into clinical trials. However, human trials turned out to be an enormous dissatisfaction until the after effects of the RV144 trial in Thailand. Urine tests can be used to check for urethritis in both sexual orientations. Late urination will have washed gonorrheal discharge from the urethra. Vaginal swab illustrations are used to test for cervicitis. Gonorrheal cervicitis produces adequate discharge that swabs need not be taken by speculum inspection.

  • Recent and upcoming advances
  • Eradication of HIV reservoirs
  • Developing new therapies
  • Advances and porospects

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