Recent Trends in Food & Beverages

The novel technologies in Food Science alter the Food & Beverages Sector to reinforce the standard of the eatables and drinks. New food stuffs embrace Biotechnology primarily based strategies food product e.g. Genetically modified food, Organic crops and food stuffs, supermolecule based mostly diet. Hence, the food that we consume everyday is the result of intensive food analysis, a scientific investigation into a spread of foods’ properties and compositions. The aim of organizing the Food meeitngs is to produce exposure to technologies, government / institutional help, varied schemes and international tie-ups and to produce information concerning recent trends in Food & beveragesSector.

  • Industry practice in Food & Beverages Sector
  • Whole Food System Approaches (tools, methods, frameworks designed to take a systems approach)
  • Sustainable intensification of food production systems
  • Technological breakthroughs: To provide food for all
  • Diversion of foods into biofuels
  • Fruit juices, new blends and additives
  • Gluten-free foods

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