Remedial Treatment and Therapies

Psychological treatments are often based more on theories about cognitive and behavioural functioning than theories of etiology, and analyses of treatment effects contribute to our understanding of the disorder as much as vice versa.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy is a treatment intended to improve difficulties with such cognitive skills as attention, memory, speed of information processing, problem solving, organization, and planning. There are two main techniques for this treatment. One technique is to train the brain functions with exercises which are regularly repeated and allow specific training in the deficient aspect(s) of a cognitive function. Another rehabilitation technique is to work with the preserved cognitive functions. In this case, the patient will be encouraged to develop strategies to process information. 

Remedial Therapy utilises many techniques, including massage, to address a wide range of soft tissue problems. The aim is to reduce pain and tension by releasing pressure of muscles in spasm, and to address tendon and ligament complaints. Treatments can dramatically reduce pain and discomfort and assist the body's natural healing process. This track deals with the following: Psychological treatment, cognitive remediation therapy, neuroimaging, group & family therapy.

  • Psychological treatment
  • Cognitive remediation therapy
  • Neuroimaging
  • Group & family therapy

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