Research and Trials on Oncology and AIDS

HIV clinical trials are research studies that look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat HIV/AIDS. Clinical trials are the fastest way to determine if new medical approaches to HIV/AIDS are safe and effective in people. clinical trials under way include studies of new HIV medicines, studies of vaccines to prevent or treat HIV, and studies of medicines to treat infections related to HIV.

There are several types of cancer clinical trials, including treatment trials, prevention trials, screening trials, and supportive and palliative care trials. Each type of trial is designed to answer different research questions and will help researchers learn things that will help people in the future.


  • Challenges in conducting oncology trials
  • Personalized cancer medicine
  • Cancer biomarkers
  • Feasibility and site selection in competitive immuno-oncology trials
  • Studies on new HIV medicines
  • Studies on infections related to HIV
  • Trials on vaccines to prevent or treat HIV
  • Benefits and possible risks of participating in HIV/AIDS clinical trial
  • Benefits and risks of participating in cancer trials

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