Research, Statistics and Case Reports

A case report could be an elaborated report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of a personal patient. Case reports could contain a demographic profile of the patient however typically; describe associate uncommon or novel prevalence. Nevertheless, case reports do have genuinely useful roles in medical research and evidence-based medicine. In particular, they have facilitated recognition of new diseases and adverse effects of treatments (e.g., recognition of the link between the administration of thalidomide to mothers and malformations in their babies was triggered by a case report). Case reports have a role in pharmacovigilance. Case reports may also have a role to play in guiding the personalization of treatments in clinical practice. Most of the research on Case reports is done on these five topics.

  • An unexpected association between diseases or symptoms.
  • A surprising event within the course of perceptive or treating a patient.
  • Unique or rare features of a disease.
  • Unique therapeutic approaches.
  • A positional or quantitative variation of the anatomical structures

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