RNA Biology

RNA the nucleic acid in majority of plants and viruses and integral part of cell component in animals plays a central role in all cellular processes involving decoding the genome, regulating gene expression, mediating molecular interactions, and catalyzing chemical reactions. RNA Biology covers all aspects of RNA research inclusive of transcription and splicing, post-transcriptional regulation, non-coding RNA, translation and catalysis, RNA localization, RNA in disease and therapy. Noncoding RNAs play a key role in many steps of epigenetic regulation. There are antisense transcripts that can bind by Watson-Crick interactions functional transcripts and short RNA transcripts that are complementary to repeats throughout the genome. It seems that RNA provides the command and control of cells. Some of the noncoding RNAs associate with human diseases. RNA Biology is an excellent medium to discuss the current thinking on RNA, from coding and noncoding to therapeutic strategies based on that still very magic molecule.

  • RNA processing
  • RNA-protein interactions
  • RNA structure and function
  • RNA localization
  • Non-coding RNA
  • RNA interference
  • Post-transcriptional regulation
  • RNA regulatory mechanisms
  • RNA in disease and therapy
  • RNA in disease and therapy

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