Role of Information Technology in Telemedicine

It is widely held that information technologies will revolutionize patient care, medical research, medical education and the administration of health services. It includes m-health, Telemedicine apps, Computational framework for telemedicine, Internet-based Telemedicine. Information technology is increasingly recognized as important in clinical practice, but much remains to be done to implement its use. Physicians are now often more comfortable using a keyboard rather than a pen, and this is particularly true of the new generations of medical students and residents. The recent developments in Ontological view in Telemedicine offer new opportunities for the design of new advanced Telemedicine systems providing high quality services. New trends in Telemedicine allocate Faster Internet connections and better software that provide a better video chat experience than in the past, with mobile devices, people can consult a doctor from anywhere, the adoption of electronic health records makes it easier for doctors to access patient records. Tele-health is expected to boost the U.S. market for patient monitoring by about $5 billion by the year 2020.
  • m-Health
  • Telemedicine apps
  • A computational framework for Telemedicine
  • An Ontological view in Telemedicine
  • Internet –based Telemedicine
  • New trends in Telemedicine

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