Rural Health & Legal Nursing

Legal Nursing is the implicative intimations of nursing practice are attached to licensure, state and government laws, extent of practice and an open prospect that attendants hone at a high expert standard. The medical attendant's illumination, permit and nursing standard give the system by which attendants are relied upon to practice. Moral issues in legal nursing are fundamentally six moral rules that emerge often for the attendant who meets expectations in the remedial setting 1. Concession for persons (self-rule and self-determination) 2. Beneficence (doing great) 3. Nonmaleficence (dodging mischief) 4. Value (reasonableness, evenhandedness, veracity), 5. Veracity (coming clean) 6. Constancy  (staying steadfast to one's dedication).

  • Rural Medicine
  • Rural Medicine
  • Nursing Service
  • Health Care Laws
  • Involvement of Nurses in change of Health Policies
  • Legal Nurse in end of Life Care
  • Role of Legal Nursing
  • Health Determinants

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