Salivary Gland Cancer

Components that expansion the danger of salivary organ malignancy incorporate more established age, radiation treatment to the head and neck, or presentation to disease causing chemicals at work.

Manifestations and indications of salivary gland growth incorporate easy lumping the region of the ear, cheek, jaw, lips, or mouth and additionally liquid depleting from the ear, inconvenience gulping, trouble opening the mouth, deadness or shortcoming to the face, as well as facial agony. The accompanying exams and tests are utilized to identify and analyse salivary organ tumour: physical exam and history, MRI, CT examine, PET output, ultrasound, endoscopy, and biopsy of tissue suspected to be carcinogenic.

Salivary organ disease cells can spread straightforwardly to contiguous tissues or spread to different organs by experiencing the lymphatic framework or through the blood.

Three kinds of standard treatment are utilized for salivary organ growth - surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy - a few patients may get more than one sort of treatment


  • Molecularly targeted therapy for salivary cancer
  • Management of parotid tumors

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