Sanitary Equipment and Facility Design

  Equipment is designed to be constructed and maintained in a cleanable condition to prevent the ingress, survival and multiplication of microorganisms. Equipment should be self-draining to assure that liquid, which can harbor or promote the growth of bacteria, does not accumulate, pool or condense on the equipment. Maintenance enclosures and human machine interfaces such as push buttons, valve handles, switches and touchscreens, must be designed to ensure that product residue or water does not penetrate or accumulate in and on the enclosure or interface. Also, physical design of the enclosures should be sloped or pitched to avoid use as a storage area or residue accumulation point.

  • Utility System designed to prevent contamination
  • Drain Challenge
  • Sanitation Integrated into Facility Design
  • Distinct Hygenic Zones Established in the Facility
  • Room Airflow and Room Air Quality Controlled
  • Water Accumulation Controlled Inside Facility
  • Water quality with inputs of fertilizers & pesticides

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